*jab* *poke*

Yes, today was the day – two injections. Woke up at 9am, threw out the rubbish, then went to the clinic. Today was my lucky day – I found RM1 in the car payment thingy… so, made up for the RM0.60 spent for parking the car.

Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B – which I was to be vaccinated against. Luckily, Hep A&B can be given in one jab. After injecting, the doctor rubbed the spot where I was injected, and it was PAINFUL!! Much more painful than the injection itself.

Well, I survived…so, that makes 6 injections in 10 days… super eh? =p

Last Wednesday : Diphtheria Booster
Meningitis A & C
MMR (Mumps + Measles + Rubela) Booster
Blood drawn for Hepatitis A & B tests

Today : Hepatitis A & B (1st)

Went home, ate soup for lunch (teeth still painful), I also had soup for dinner yesterday… then I took a rest

Guess what? When I woke up, I COULD NOT USE my right hand at all (the hand on which I got my typhoid jab) It was PAINFUL PAINFUL PAINFUL!! ACHING ACHING…..

You guys who thought tetanus was bad…….think again…

I couldn’t even extend my arm, and I couldn’t do anything much with it.. it was just hurting so much… but yeah, had to go for music class…

I tried to put on my socks in the car, and it was REALLY REALLY hard to do so, because I could only use my left hand.. It took me really long to put them on.

But, I managed to put them on before I reached my music class… Then during my music class, my arm was really hurting a lot. My teacher asked me what I felt when she played something, but my arm was hurting and I didn’t really listen ,so I said “I felt PAIN.” =p haha…

Other than that, I guess that my music lesson went okay. I wanted to go back home after music class, but my mom couldn’t send me home, so I went to church, sorted some stuff, but still came back quite early, because my mom was coming down with a migraine (sp?)…

I slept the rest of the whole day away, woke up at 8pm… ate dinner…

Go listen to Penderecki’s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima, it’s SOOO GOOD!! Everytime I listen to it, I can feel the screams of the victims of the bombing, as though they are right all around me, I can hear the air sirens, the airplanes, it’s so REAL, CREEPY and SCARY!!! That’s music, my friend. Not the lousy stuff you usually hear on the radio. Yes, look at my title for clarification..

I guess I’ll leave it at here…

P.S. Dewgem, no thanks to you concerning my injections, you said it’s FUN??? Why don’t you go get jabbed right now? I’ll do it for you! I’ll give you three typhoid jabs and three tetanus jabs all over and see how you like it… haha….. jk jk

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