Dear Diary err… Dead Diary

Hmm…. Passed back the drumset to Chris today… THANK YOU Christopher Leow for lending me your drumset for 3 months!! You’re a great friend..

Went to church this morning, my dad was preaching, he was given a 3 day notice prior to his preaching, so yeah, in the morning he was still preparing it.

The guitar didn’t work for some reason during the service, so I was Ewe Jin busy setting up the mic for it… but anyway, it sounded quite a hand to Ewe Jin!!

Played the drums for Children’s Ministry, when I got there I just couldn’t play with the setup, I had to re-set it up to a certain extent… In a way I think my drum setups have been somewhat influenced by Shannon..

I got home, ate lunch, played drums for a while, then slept right until 6pm..

Went to Ikano Power Centre to buy stationary for the trip, yeah, cost a bomb – RM125 worth of stationary..

Had dinner, then I sent back the drumset to Chris.. and then…came here..

Just another ‘dear diary’ post today, how boring…

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