How long will this go on?

I don’t have much time to blog today… So I’ll have to keep it short.. IF i have more time tomorrow, I might blog..

But don’t hope too much, I’m pretty busy these days.. hardly any time to do anything.

Monday was kinda crazy… I did 7+ hrs of add maths… I got stuck with this problem, all the careless mistakes, like accidently putting a “+” instead of “-” or doing something like 1^3 = 3

Stuff like that.


Ah, now nice it is, to me, to wake up early in the morning, hear the rain pattering above you on your roof, while the temperature is cool. Though dark grey clouds may swirl outside, doesn’t it just feel good? I felt like just pulling the covers over my head, drop back to sleep…

Unfortunately, no.

Debussy… A French Impressionist composer. Just listen to his music… His experimentation with sound as with colours, sound as a whole, and time. Listen to his flourish of colours.. Do you hear it?

Anyway, in the morning, Chris called me, saying that he had an EFCM meeting to attend to that night, so he wouldn’t be able to help out in the PA for Kokopelli choir that night.. So he asked me to take over his job..

So, Ewe Jin agreed, so after my music class (at 4pm) I went off to church (I was one hour late). The choir was really good… I really got a lot of exercise that day, ran up and down the main sanc around 30 times…

Had to do quite a bit of setting up. The Korg keyboard which they brought somehow didn’t work, so Ewe Jin had to call one of our friends to bring his. I’m not sure whether he wants to be mentioned, but..whatever. Tell me if you want to be mentioned.

The grand piano had to be miked up at the last moment, and there was something wrong with the mic stand! Somehow, it tilted right over until the mic was touching the piano keys. Luckily Ewe Jin spotted it before it started, and I had time to run down (again) to solve it…

Ewe Jin doesn’t like my bass boost grr.

Everyday I wonder… what I heard that time, is it real, or was it just a dream? It seems so far away, in the mist… I don’t know..

Packing is still advancing at a slow rate..

I had to go get my passport renewed.. so.. yeah, that’s why I was away this morning.. and then I was so tired out from yesterday.. that I slept the whole afternoon…

I know that this post seems to have nothing to do with the title, but, for me, it does.. Don’t worry about it.

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