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Too busy even to update?

Okay.. I’d better stop saying that before someone really kills me..

Listening to music.. in a way, is like a drug. This is totally hypothethical, since I haven’t taken drugs before, unless one considers listening to music a drug… therefore, I shall be assuming. In the same way a drug makes you go high, so does music.. but shall I say, an ‘intellectual’ and ‘mental’ high? The range of which music can take you to depends on your maturity and understanding of that area. So, it’s like a dependant drug.

The side effects of listening to music can be very wide. Drugs – makes you feel good? Well, music, there’s such a bigger range of what it can do. It’s just limited to your mind. When I listen to Debussy, I hear the flutter of notes like a whisper in my ear, just a shade of colour – it makes me feel light. When I hear the clashes of chords, I see interesting mixes of colour, yet, sometimes, with a magical twinkle within. Especially that ‘sci-fi’ chord, the augmented triad with major 7th on top. Just listen to the sound of space.
Or like in the middle of Debussy’s Tocatta, that richness of flowing colours rushing upon each other, forming a whole wide range of tones. That…..just….whish… makes you fly, soar right above in the blue sky, weightless..ah… how splendid..

Yet, it is also tricky. Just when you think the climax is coming, when it is building up and growing and you feel the tide rising within you, suddenly, the composer just takes it away, brings it down.. Always the unexpected.

Or in Penderecki’s Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima, you can just HEAR the SCCREAAMSS of the people suffering, the planes flying overhead… the screeching, the stillness here and there…. There are no words to describe.. AMAZING music.. it’s so SCARY..

But you get the idea… the effects can be awesome, when you listen to music that you understand. There’s always something new you can find in listening to music, unlike drugs. And it doesn’t kill you. Well, okay, listening to music can KILL you, not literally, but, it can take you away, remove your mind from where it is, and just live with the music within you, forgetting all your surroundings.


Today, there was such a terrible jam coming back from Subang.. A major accident involving three gigantic trucks, you can imagine. And we were on the OTHER side of the road. Malaysian mentality, always having to slow down and look on the other side to see what happened. No reason to have a jam, yet, one is formed.

CF was SO good, esp. the skits.. Although I’m not quite sure how much people actually learnt from it… =p Even Pn. Julie was laughing all the way…

Too bad I missed BK today..

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