Wonky laptop

I’m updating from the wonky laptop at the moment… It’s really crazy.. Should have died from the HDD failure, but somehow, it got up again.. but it’s still acting crazy… Maybe it might live for another week or so, I don’t know..

I’m back to using my PDA, this time as a calculator. I don’t know where my scientific calculator went. But the PDA is not bad, I can do graphing and converting on it with no problem… *evil grin*

Today was relatively uneventful.

Have to write an essay on the reformation and counter reformation of the church and it’s effects on the baroque period.. and also the influences and effects of the baroque period..

I’m going to die this Thursday at my concert – I haven’t practised… and I have to perform.. and I was just given the pieces TWO days ago.. Die die die blerggh (=p)…

I’ll stop for now, because I don’t want this to turn into too much of a ‘dear diary’ thingy….

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