The bad, and the good

Okay.. at least things are getting better now…..though…

My laptop has gone totally mad and doesn’t work properly. I was supposed to take it to England at first.. but now….

I also meant to buy a PDA to go along with my laptop so that I can listen to my mp3s..

But of course, without a laptop, what’s the point of the PDA?

My current PDA, a 6-year-old ancient Palm V, is getting worse and worse each day. I am awaiting its death day.

So.. I was fated not to take any computer / PDA / mp3 player to England..

And I felt really really bad… I hope that she isn’t upset with me too much… because of what I didn’t do… =


That was the bad and depressing part…

But now it isn’t as bad as it was this morning…

My dad said that he would try to see whether he would be able to buy a new laptop for me. Sure, it wouldn’t be the latest model, because the budget is less than RM4000.. but still, it would be great..

Which means, I STILL might possibly be able to get a new PDA too… I don’t know..

Anyway, I spent the entire mornings of yesterday and today practising for the coming concert tomorrow, and another one on August 7th.. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CONCERTS!?!?!

I don’t know, but she still talked to me today (so it seemed) normally.. so..hopefully, she’s not angry with me..

I guess I’ll stop here, because I have to go practise the piano now..

That’s all for now..

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