Who REALLY understands music nowadays?

Not me. I still have a long way to go. There’s no limit to what you can learn from music, or what music can do for you in your life AND in other people’s lifes.

Music is not about hearing something that you expect to be ‘nice’ like a nice melody or something sweet. That’s less than 1% of what music really is.
Next time you pick up your instrument (besides the piano / pipe organ / whatever which is too big), DON’T play the instrument. Don’t play the notes. Think further. How deep can you really feel the music? Do you understand why you’re playing it?

The hardest pieces to play can be the slow ones. Good playing does not mean flying all over the instrument with super skill. True, that’s good. But also think of every single note, it’s worth and HOW that one note should sound, WHY it was there, WHY it should sound a certain way, and THINK of it..

I shall write more later. I have a concert to go to now.. Later then.

Other sad news : At least 5 of those in the helicopter have been found dead. It’s really sad… In circumstances like these, we may ask God, “Why?” I don’t know, myself, but we have to ask what is God trying to tell us through these things. One of those in the helicopter is known to my family, so..

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