Oh NO!!

It’s been almost a week since I last updated!!
Yeah.. been pretty busy..

Been practising and practising the piano for my concerts this saturday and this sunday…

But it’s been quite fun… especially learning Debussy’s Tocatta (which I’ve been doing for months, I don’t know why)

And of course, clearing up the house… all my junk… before I leave.. it’s quiet interesting what one can find while looking around the house…

Missed Lester’s *suprise* birthday party, because I was doing my add maths…

What happened on monday? Hm… add maths tuition the whole morning, then the whole afternoon spent in KL applying for a student visa..

Tuesday.. Went to school and collected my leaving cert, and also attended the F3 prayer meeting…

Wednesday.. Visa collection..

well.. busy enough, I guess..

Anyway, I have to go and do my add maths homework now… so.. bye guys..

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