No time to update…

Hmm.. I would have updated yesterday if not for my sister who wanted to use the computer.

I have to keep this short, because I’m going out in a few minutes time for YET ANOTHER concert… I hope that I won’t have too many more things like this, because, although playing for concerts is fun, I’ve been having way too many concerts..

I am so dead, because I haven’t practised enough for the concert.. and what’s more yesterday I got a splinter-like thing in my finger, which, luckily, I managed to get out, but my finger is still somewhat painful.

I have been VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BUSY for the past few days, and wil be VERY VERY VERY VERY BUSY for the next few days. Blerggh. So much to look forward to.

Don’t expect to hear much from me for the next few days or so.. and meanwhile, you can abuse my site =p jk…

Oh yeah… – PLEASE do post your opinions on Dewgem at her’s at the bottom of the left column.. or you can go straight HERE to post your opinion…

Don’t waste my bandwidth =p

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