haven’t written for such a long time, I seem to have hardly any words this month.. I shall write now, if I can remember what to say.

My braces are gone! after 6 1/2 yrs of wearing braces, even though they’re gone, it’s.. kinda.. weird? not having them there.. =p But I prefer them not there..

But I still have to deal with the retainers… irritating things, aren’t they? =p

The dentist gave me a clean-up like I’ve never had before.. blood everywhere, gums hurting, high-pitched noises, water trickling down my neck, red-coloured liquid being sucked up, the taste of blood, iron… *shiver*

I have only TWELVE (12) days left before my time flies..

Oh yeah, went for my final prayer meeting on tuesday, tried taking pictures of the group, but ARRRGH… Peter kept covering his face from the camera, Clarice kept looking away, Hock Jeen was hiding behind David……. ARGh.. why was everyone avoiding the camera?

It’s like…weren’t they supposed to be concentrating on praying…therefore, they should not even have noticed theh camera being there =p

But..whatever.. Got many pictures of covered faces.. Why? Are they all crying? =p jk

No more music lessons. How weird.

I have ALMOST finished the entire Form 4 / 5 O levels Add maths syllabus in just SIX WEEKS!! I just finished integration and kinematics, shall be moving on to vectors next week.. tiring.. lots of work..

Anyway, today (at this point), yesterday (at point of posting)..was my LAST cell meeting =(

Actually, I’m really sad, but I somehow can’t transcribe that into proper writing… But I’d really like to thank everyone in the CF for your friendship for the last 4 yrs in which I’ve been in the Taman SEA CF..

All those people and the teachers (esp Pn. Julie) who have touched and blessed my life so much, all the friends I’ve found, the place of my belonging….. how could I describe it?

For I was accepted for who I was.. even when they didn’t know me. They reached out to me, helped me in many places..

But now it’s over. I actually feel like crying… really sad..

Okay, be prepared for a long post here…

I’m really sorry if I don’t mention you here.. but.. yeah, please forgive me, and tell me, if you want to be mentioned..

I want to thank, most of all, Pn. Julie, our main CF advisor, and the other CF teachers like Pn. Puah, Pn. Joy, Pn. Chuah, Pn. Lim…who have been so dedicated to what they do, how God has worked through them, and how they personally cares for each and every student in the CF, praying for them.. and how much they have touched me ever since I’ve been in the CF…

ex-students like Yew Kong, Yew Ming, Li Yit, Praveen, Guo Jeng..who else? who, even with the big age difference, managed to be really really good friends to me and to make a difference in my life…

Fellow musicians like Shannon, David, De Shun, Gabriel, Christopher Oh, Yvonne, Tze Nie, Joshua, Joseph Dong, Clarice, Simon Yau (the saxist), Soung Ern, Paulynn, Isaac, Dewgem, Priscilla, Sharon, Lester, Sarah, Wei Soon… the list goes on and on.. I’m SO SORRY to those I didn’t mention, I know that I left out a lot.. They have helped me so much to understand teamwork… and also to hone my music skills, and how patient they have been..

BK companions like.. Chien Shin, De Shun, Karen, Wei Soon, Lydia, Lyvia, Christine, Hock Jeen, Priscilla, Sook Kuan… who endured me every week of BK, even with the rain (which they said I brought =p, even though that’s not true and was irritating, it still brings good memories..) and helped me out with my BK..

Of course, not missing out Ms. Moey, my BK teacher, dedicated in her work for God, anxious for her students to do well, not only for the results, but also for God..

The faithful people going for the prayer meeting in Form 4, even when the attendance dropped so much, there still remained a few of them, always there, ready to pray, never leaving, even when I wasn’t there I think they went.. – Clarice and Priscilla, and of course, the others – Christine, and the ‘survivors’ of prayer meetings for the guys – me, Hock Jeen, and Peter, who were there enough of the time.. and not to forget the Form 3’s who came… even though there weren’t many f4’s… like Wei Qi, Priscilla (Leow), Paulynn, Pick Yee.. and the newcomer, David (f4)

Too bad there havent’ been any form 3 guys yet…

My fellow PA workers in CF – Hock Jeen, Joseph Cheong, Thaddeus, Wei Soon, Li Yit, David…. who persevere even in the worst possible job, trying to get the best sound out of the little equipment =p

Others like..

Siu Fai, who helped me do the devotion in CF camp…
Dewgem, who has helped me out with some stuff, like taking pics for the newsbulletin, and passing me lots and lots of other CF pictures… (and of course, spamming my website too, helped increase my traffic)
Raymas, always commited to God… helped out wherever he could..
Han Yuen, always dedicated to the CF pond (pond star)
Wai Ee, Helping me test out much stuff on my website (and also making my class position lower =p)…and of course her sister, Wai Cheng… my group leader in CF camp 2002 (?)
Lester, yeah.. He’s very mature, and taught me one important thing which I won’t forget, but I think it’s important, how we have to display our Christ-ness through ourselves, how can we insult others even if they’re not that good? That’s not being nice, it doesn’t make things better, imagine how the other side would feel?
Joseph Leong, faithful to his flute in ? CF camp 2001/2? and his djembe
Wei Soon, always (with fun) insulting me, smiting me, but he’s a good person, responsible in what he does..
Simon Yau… erm.. no need to talk about him
Joshua.. although.. er.a bit rough sometimes, he’s become very responsible ever since becoming a prefect..
Hock Jeen, my good friend in Form 1.. used to fight with him =p.. Now he gets all the girls to himself after I go off.. =
Clarice, dedicated to CF, always worth having a chat with her…
Karen, my assistant group leader, whom (I think) did most of the work.. I wasn’t that responsible being a leader, I think…
Yvonne, holding fast to the word and who is a great encouragement
Tze Nie, making all those nice cards to give out to people (all the rest included, those behind the scenes, working hard, making cards, not always recognized, but you won’t ever know how much those cards have helped me)
Chien Shin, if ever you need a companion to learn your luke / acts with…
Christopher Oh, taking all those pics which I have for my memories.. (Also Simon, Soung Ern, Shannon, my sis, who also took pics)
Soung Ern, helping me in my interest in home recording by providing some music and also accompanied me on some Jalan Pasar trips..
Shannon, who has developed my interest in drums and fusion jazz =p

Will I ever realize how much the CF has done for me? It’s no coincidence that I ended up in Taman SEA, and I’m glad that I didn’t go to UK in Form 2, or else I’d have missed out on so much…

I’m still going to miss the CF so much, beyond words..

Anyway, yeah, that’s for CF

In church..

most of all, I’d like to thank my fellow PA workers..

Ewe Jin… who has taught me so much in the area of sound, how good a friend he has been to me, it’s been a pleasure working with him… and thanks for all the ice-cream that you’ve treated me to in swensen’s…

Christopher Leow… who I worked with a lot for last years youth camp, he offered to help me build my speakers in his house, helped me out a lot, and he even lent me his drumset. Thanks for being such a great friend..

Ruth Ng… thanks for being a great companion.. in COTR or in the Edge music conference.. continue always to live for Him..

Sam Ng… thanks for being a friend during COTR, doing work together, and helping me out with programming (lending the PHP book =p)

yeah, those three above are the guys I ‘hung out’ with during the edge conference, and kept me having friends there…

And of course, also

Shern Ren, who worked tirelessly with me, solving all the PA problems in last years camp and helping to set up..

Timothy Cheng, my pyro-partner… we made around 30(?) rockets, which (most of them) didn’t fly.. but still, had a great time making them and experimenting about.. (but we never got injured nor blew up the house, though once we totally put my room in smoke and a shower of sparks…)

These are the people who have really touched my life… and I would like to thank all of you guys once again…

But anyway, cell was fun, took enough pics, said a few words about my trip.. and then it was over. The last cell meeting..

Had fun fighting over the Pocket PC after that… and then went mamak..
thank you to Dewgem’s and Lordson’s mom for sending me home after that!!

I shall write more later.. I want to go to sleep =p

Guys, anyway you can tell those that I mentioned above to visit this place so that they can see it for themselves, and you can use this post (any part) anywhere, as long as the content remains the same =p

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