More Swensens? Add maths? Swensen’s + Add math = ??

Busy, busy busy…

SEVEN days left!

Oh NO!!!

and Oh YES!!!

but Oh NO!!!


Tuesday & Wednesday – ‘The Longest Day(s)’

Woke up late on Tuesday…

1.10pm – Ruth Ng and Yeap Ewe Jin (aka ionStorm) picked me and my sister (last minute decision) up… finally received my PA duties payment… one of my first payments to me!! haha..

Then we headed off to Swensen’s for lunch.. and met Sarah there.. all of us ordered chicken except Ruth.. Lunch was quite fun.. I really pity Swensen because of Ewe Jin… At the end he started playing around with his extra tea.. Originally the teabag came in this small plastic container, which he stuffed upside down into his cup… and then he tried pouring it.. and guess what? POP! Haha, a miniature explosion, okay okay, call it.. popping.. Yeah, somehow he didn’t mess up the table.. Later on he put it back into his cup but the other way, and then even though I tried to pour out the remainder of his tea, it didn’t come out.. I wonder what the staff did.. They’ll probably throw him out next time.. =p

Did 2hrs of add maths when I got back, took a short nap, went to U. Francis’s house for a really good dinner.. and then got back home.. and did another 2hrs of add maths.. until 11pm.. After that I got ready to sleep.. but I had too much add maths to do..

So I continued doing my add maths at 1am.. 1am passed, became 2am.. went on, and went on.. till 4am, when I went downstairs.. 4am passed, became 5, then 6 ,7 ,8 and then 9am, when I went for add maths tuition, until 12pm..

WOW! The MOST TIRING DAY of my life regarding mathematics..

13hrs NON-STOP!!! I didn’t even get a minutes worth of sleep at night, because I was doing my add maths.. and that’s 15hrs within a 24hr period!! Hm.. even longer than if I went for the study camp, which was also on tuesday.. I don’t know how I managed to survive that long doing just ADD MATHS and ADD MATHS.. all that I know is that I’m sick of add maths now.. And guess what, after those 15hrs, I still haven’t finished my homework yet!

Ah.. shall save the homework for another day.

So, I’m tired now, no suprises there..

Shall write more later..

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