But when we are separated by masses of land and water, the big void between us, will we continue to remember each other in our thoughts? Or will we push the other to a small corner of the mind, forgotten, forsaken and uncared for? For many might fail, becoming just another person.

But some remember. And it is this which makes a true friend. And how many shall remain true? How many shall remember the old times, the fellowship, when thing were good, when things were bad?

I sincerely hope that you guys will remember me, as I pray too that I will remember you guys. For true friendships are tough to find, you have to look hard to find them. But I hope that it is in you guys that I have found friendship, that bond which holds me and carries me, even through those thousands of miles on the other side of the world.

For I shall begin a new chapter in my life, but shall I remember the last?

And shall I, to you, just pass through you as just another event in your life, or shall it have special meaning for you?

I hope for the best, I expect the best, and I pray to give the best that I can.

Think of me.

I will greatly need all the support that you can give as I move on to a new life, where things will be very different. It is moving out of my comfort zone, right into the middle of the battlefield, where nothing much is certain at the moment.

But one thing is certain, that, at one point in my life, all of you guys have touched my life and made a difference, whether I knew it or not, and whether you realized it or not, and even if it should come to pass, though I hope not, that we may forget, it did happen.

But I pray that we shall continue to share our relationships that we once did, not only so, but become closer.

And also too, our friendship with Jesus Christ. More many a time, we have pushed him away, thinking that we don’t need him. But who could ever be a greater friend than him? A servant king, one that lay down his life for us mere sinners. He could have left us just to rot away in our daily deeds of sin, but no, he died for our sins..

I shall miss all of you guys. It seems a lifetime ago now that I was in Taman SEA CF, or in church. For actually, it is close enough to the truth.

But. Friendship.

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