The Last Day

My final post, probably. It’s already the 1st of september, and (at point of writing) I only have 8 1/2 hrs left before I leave for the airport… =

Anyway…. Yeah, I’d like to thank everyone once again..

Today was kinda tiring… I got up early, and then went off to school for my supposedly final meet with my CF friends.. It was SYATP (See You at The Pole) where the Cf’ers meet to pray for the nation and the school.. So Yeah, I went about the school praying a bit.

After that was my last mamak.. ate mee mamak.. and took milo ais.
Shall really miss malaysian food.. =p had a fun time with my friends…

Got back, packed in earnest… went to Pyramid to buy some last minute stuff, it was really packed with people…

Packed more when I got home… (tried to pack)… then Wei Soon gave me a call.. and asked me whether I’d be in around 8.30pm, and asked whether he and some ‘friends’ could drop by for a visit… So I agreed… (duh)… Burnt some CDs..

Later on I dropped by at Clarice’s house, had nothing better to do.. Then halfway, she had a phone call.. and on the other line was someone discussing ME! The plans for the night.. In fact, TWO calls… They were discussing ‘evil’ plans, what to do to torture me before I went off… =S
Clarice couldn’t go though, had add maths tuition (on Merdeka day!) so.. yeah, I went home so that she could go for her tuition..

Well.. they started to arrive at 8pm.. The crowd was MUCH larger than I expected, really… Hmm.. Let’s see. who came… first to arrive was (I think) Lordson, Dewgem, then Simon, Lester, Lydia, Lyvia, Sook Kuan, Hock Jeen, Chien Shin, Soung Ern, Rachael, Christine, Pn. Julie, Wei Soon, Yew Kong, Li Yit, Li Jian, and I think that that’s it… Hm.. If I left out anyone, I think they’ll kill me!.. Uh Oh.. Better double check..Oh yeah, Shannon came too, but he was 2 hrs late =p

They bought me my LAST Tau Fu Fa (how do you spell that?), and also some drinks and ice cream. How nice of them… Even if the ice cream didn’t taste that nice (And no, it tasted really good), it was one of the best ice creams ever (like Ewe Jin’s Swensen’s too) because it was friends who bought it for me.

So yeah, had lots of fun. In the end it turned out that their evil plans were just to pull my leg.. Grr.. But..also.. relieve =p

But they did bully me a bit, at the end, when they were taking group pictures.. =p Can’t wait to get those pics, but they’re in the other camera… gah…

Oh yeah, Dewgem, actually, don’t mail them to me.. just drop them at my house… then my dad will put them into the computer for me..

But anyway, it was a fun night all together.. 20 minutes after they left, Hock Jeen called me up, and told me the bad news – Someone had put my 512MB SD card into his pocket pc, and he had taken it home!!! Arrgh, and his parents were asleep! Well, thanks Hock Jeen, you’re a good friend.. he sneaked out of the house and cycled all the way to my house to return it to me! Thanks..

And when he arrived, so did Shannon! = Pity that he was late… but still, yeah, chatted a *bit*…

So, yeah, that’s my day, I’m leaving TODAY!!

Seconds to departure : 39930 seconds
Minutes to departure : 666 minutes
Hours to departure : 11.09 hours
Days to departure : 0.46 days

Time to departure : 0 days, 11 hrs, 5 mins, 30 seconds


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