Well, I guess that I will just put something up here.. Since I’m ‘free’ at the moment..

Arrived at the school on Sunday late (about half an hour late) because I had to go and buy some shoes.. In the end I signed up for 5 subjects, which created some problems, with some clashes here and there.. since the normal amount of subjects taken is 4 subjects.. So I took music, music tech, mathematics, further mathematics and physics..

Suprisingly, (so far) I’ve found that math isn’t too hard..as well as physics.. but that doesn’t stop me from having loads of homework..

But music and music tech is FUN!! Wish I could get in more time practising each day, though.. Yesterday I was doing my music tech, having quite a lot of fun, until I even missed supper! (Yeah, it was like, when I looked at my watch, I went “Ahh! Supper’s almost over!”)

Anyway, the school is HUGE HUGE HUGE.. They seem to have everything, indoor olympic sized swimming pool, golf course, 6 tennis courts, 3 astroturfs, 4 american football fields, cricket field, judo, fencing, horse riding, boxing, gym, hockey fields, basketball, badminton courts (4 i think), more fields… ALL on campus.. They also have buildings dedicated to the different subjects, like, there’s the music block, maths block, science block, language block, fine arts centre, and so on.. really really big school (larger than MU campus, apparently)

The only thing that seems to be missing are the football fields =p, for which, students are taken to another place with 10 full sized football fields..

Classes are around 10 people each, so there’s more personal attention…

Weather has been reasonable (sunshine, sunshine, and sunshine), up to yesterday… (rain, rain, rain) =p

I think I enjoy music tech the most, though.. you should see their TV production centre.. there’re like tons of professional cameras, and professional PA stuff..

Weirdly enough, one of my piano teachers is the head of keyboards from Wells Cathedral School, which is where I went 3 yrs ago to audition… so.. what a coincidence, we know each other.. =p

Sun rises at 6.30am and sets at 7.30pm, but only gets dark by 8pm.. still long enough days..

Oh yeah, just to walk from my room (on campus) to the dining hall, it’s an almost 10 minute long walk .. around 600m.. so just going for a meal and going back is a 1.2km walk.. So each day, just walking from the room to lessons / dinner / lunch, I do about 3km.. not counting games, of course =p

I guess I’ll stop for now..

Till later!

Oh yeah, when my laptop gets hooked up to the school network, I shall put up some of the pics that I took while I had the camera in England..

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