All the best in your exams

It’s a sunday… and I’ve got lots of work to do, but I haven’t done it yet =p
I found out how much it is to call back home to Malaysia using my phone card, I just calculated, and guess how much it costs? 16 PENCE A MINUTE!!! That’s RM1.12 per minute!! CRAZY!!! I need to find a better phonecard than that.. or else I’ll be using up my music like crazy..

Anyway, I’m still very very very very busy over.. I’m almost never free everyday..

I still need to find a way to be able to update my site from here.. since FTP is blocked…

Go visit Made4Him network. It’s really irritating, because when my ‘friends’ over here see it, they think that it’s some kind of dating service or something.. And when I show some of them the pictures from CF.. never mind.. I won’t say.. The culture here is good in a way, but a lot of things about it is bad also..

Anyway, I need to exercise even more than I am doing now.. I want to lose more weight..

Anyway, I’d like to wish all the best to all my Form 4 friends in Malaysia, since the end-of-year exams are starting in a few days time (Next wednesday, right) and also the other Form 1 and 2s..

Also to all the Form 5’s, all the best in your SPM trials and SPM itself.. Study hard, all of you guys..

Of course, not missing out the form 3 people currently going through PMR, do your best okay?

And of course, the Form 6… STPM… STPM…

Arrrgh, I missed the CF party.. Heard both positive and negative stuff about the meeting… but it still sounded fun… 260 PEOPLE!!

Anyway, that’s all I’ll put up for now.. see you all soon then…

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