previous half-term

Well, it’s almost half-term break now. In certain ways, the past month has been eternity, and in other ways it seems to have passed in a flash. Life’s very different and busy over here. In fact, I can’t wait to be bored for a while, thinking, “What do do now ar?” But anyway, writing kept me sane…

Had maths test today, and I’m having another maths test NEXT wednesday. How fun. Two tests in a row. But after that, FREEDOM for 10 days! Muahaha.. I can’t wait..

Anyway, life’s going fine I guess. I miss all of you guys, and I miss a few certain people very much. Can’t wait to see you all…

I think I’d stop here, because of my busy schedule… So, that’s all for now then.. bye!!

Oh yeah, during half-term I won’t have much access to internet, so don’t expect to see me online much..

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