Quick update

Wow. I haven’t updated in such a long time… and you can expect it to be that way for a while. Firstly, I’m busy, secondly, my internet access at the moment is quite limited, actually. Anyway, halfterm break is a thing of the past already. I’m missing my guardian’s family, their daughters, the (yum) nice food, the internet connection, and so on. Can’t wait to see them again next year, actually. Irritating, actually, that wherever I go now, there’re people whom I miss… Over here I miss the Malaysian’s, when I go back to Msia, then I’ll miss the people over here.. grr, nothing perfect, huh?

Going to see some fireworks display afterwards… And I need more credit for my mobile phone soon =p Anyway, thanks guys, for still visiting my site even when I wasn’t around.

I also hiope that the speed of the website will improve soon… it’s been facing quite a lot of slowness of late, but today seemed slightly better… Till later then..

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