Hey guys… been a VERY VERY long time since the main page changed looks.. but anyway, a quick update (I’m still very busy and I don’t really have much time to update) and an important one, I guess..

My flight back has changed… so the countdown up there is no longer accurate.. Original arrival was 12th december at 7.20am, but now it has been changed.. I’m coming back EARLIER!! How nice is that? Yup now I’ll be arriving at…

1830 (6.30pm) at KLIA on December 11th [saturday] 2004.

Yup, 12hrs and 50 minutes earlier than before, so don’t mistake that… about 2 more weeks then eh?

I don’t think that I’ll update any longer…

So anyway don’t be at the airport the next day, you won’t find me there! (not that I’m expecting anyone, anyway =p)

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