Exams over

The BIG question. Are nail clippers dangerous? Imagine a ‘shard’ of nail flying into your eye. Ouch. Nope, hasn’t happened to me, thankfully. Was just thinking about it while trimming my nails just now.

Also on Monday in Physics we had some ‘fun’ with glass. We were given glass rods and we stretched them to <1mm thick over bunsen burners (mine was a failure, it seperated), then suspended them and put weights in the centre until the glass broke. And having shards of glass flying here and there (we were forced to wear safetly glasses, good thing)

Exams are over! No more Maths Core 1 and Core 2 and Stats 1. What a relief. Things are basically going fine now, lots of work to do, lots of piano practising, lots of concerts coming up.

Anyway, hence some suggestions from one of my readers who said the site was boring, I shall make two versions from which you can choose from – minimalism and er.. what shall I call the other? Exotic? heh..

I’m of to bed now. Long day tomorrow…

Thanks to all who STILL visit my site.

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