*disappear* *reappear*

That’s me. Coming and going from this blog. I don’t have much of a chance to use the internet over here..

Life has been going on fine..

Maths getting into more ‘interesting’ stuff now, and of course, slightly more challenging..but it’s still okay.

And guess what I did yesterday? I was happily playing the steinway grand piano in the music lodge, when… suddenly.. *SNAP!*

Heh. Want to guess what happened?

I broke the piano string.. or rather, 2 strings…

Hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble.. and from my calculations, this piano string needs a force of about 30kg to stretch it by 1mm.. and you know how much pressure there is on a piano? In total.. about 20,000kg of force… Now that’s crazy..

Here’s a picture of the broken string…

broken piano string

I would put up a recording of when I broke the string (I so happened to be recording right at that time) but I can’t upload the file from here. So you’ll have to be contented with the picture… =p

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