Huh? You mean I didn’t blog for a month?! I thought it was only 2 days!

Hm… It’s over a month since I last posted anything. Feels like 2 days to me, though. yeah, time flies when you’re busy, right? =p

At the time of writing,
Time to arrival : 16 days, 3 hrs, 32 mins, 46 seconds

I can’t wait to get back home, get some rest (and I’m supposed to study also), catch up with friends…

This term has been totally crazy. I thought last term was bad. But they were trying to fit EVEN MORE into this 8 week term (2 weeks shorter than last term). At least for me, it was crazy. In this second half of the term, I have about 7-8 concerts, 6-7 tests… and so on. I end up missing a lot of my prep time, and end up waking at 4am to do it. In other words, I can’t wait for the end of term! =p Anyway Praise be to God for getting me through these weeks.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be going out to school now to start my practice. I’ll update later…

Now who’s going to read this post? =p

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