Date is wrong? HuuH!?

Well, term is coming to an end over here. Oh, the counter is wrong. Somehow the computer back home is one day behind. Wonder why.

Current time is 19th of March 2005 06:37:32 PM

Time of arrival on Malaysian soil is 25th of March 2005 06:30:00 PM

Seconds to arrival : 517948 seconds
Minutes to arrival : 8632 minutes
Hours to arrival : 143.87 hours
Days to arrival : 5.99 days

Time to arrival : 5 days, 23 hrs, 52 mins, 27 seconds

Should actually be 4 days, 23 hrs, 52 mins, 27 seconds

Oh well.

My room’s in a mess at the moment, started to pack. Life’s been VERY VERY busy the past week (musically) with many concerts and competitions. I hope these last 4 days of term are more relaxing. I HOPE.

Anyway I can’t stay long here. I have to go do other things.

This *might* be the last post before I go back. So I guess I’ll see you all back in M’sia then!


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