Hols ending, =( ='(

Heya all (whatever ‘all’ means when hardly anyone visits my site)… I can’t believe that the hols are almost over. Some thoughts…

:: The unstarted work is the hardest to finish ::
:: Thank God for all the good friends that you have ::
:: Computers are very much like humans, stubborn, don’t work properly ::
:: Jesus is your best friend at all times ::

I am extremely grateful for all the friends I have over here in Malaysia… sometimes… I feel that I’m not good enough to be their friend.. that I’m not worthy to be called a friend.. I am by no means perfect, and I surely have hurt some friends, either unintentionally or intentionally… But friends are so important, they influence your thoughts… And of course, it’s a blessing to have friends who will still contact you when you’re 11,000km away… I guess I haven’t really been contacted much when I was away, but I know that my friends are still my friends and care for me…

Who can get through life without friends?

Anyway, life can be very lonely.. I find it very lonely a lot of the time in UK… Enough of the time I end up eating meals alone… and although I’m kept quite busy as to not think about it too much.. sometimes I do feel it. In those times, I try to remember that Jesus is always there to care for me. Trust me, sometimes even that is hard… but I know that is true, that He gives us strength, or else I probably wouldn’t even survive at all these few months.

Soli Deo Gloria! All praise be to God!

I really don’t want to go back to UK.. but I guess I don’t have a choice =p

:: Life’s tough, who said it’s fair? ::

Shall miss all my friends here…

Anyway.. I guess I shall leave you all here for the time being…bye!

Shannon has a drumset <envy> <jealous> <blah>
Ewe Jin treated me to earthquake! <yum> <fat>
Dewgem is a teacher… all the best <goodluck>
CF is fun <yeah> <yeah> <yeah!>

:: Ouch, I just got another injection *jab* ::

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