Of __ and __

It seems such a short time. The memories, the pictures, so far away… It feels like it’s fading away into the fog.

The break is too short, it flies past, almost unnoticed, like a wisp of cloud carried by the silent yet gale-force wind. Why does time have to feel relative to the observer? It is an essential yet horrible thing which marches forward, nothing stopping its way. Yet it’s upon this that we, I, you are built…


To what corner, then, did some of thine companions go? No no, it was not their fault, neither mine, just the way things go.


Who then, know’s loneliness. Does waking up at 4am, working alone, going out alone at 7am, eating breakfast alone, practicing 1.5hrs alone, have lunch alone, practicing again alone, eating dinner alone, walking back alone, doing homework alone, and going to sleep qualify as loneliness? Honestly, I don’t know.


:: English culture? ::
:: Only person who goes to church in house? ::
:: Representing the Malaysian-Chinese group? ::
:: S.a.L.T in the bland darkness? ::
:: Broken communication lines? ::
:: silence

. . . . . just echoes on? ::
:: Non-comprehendo? ::
:: A faint glow in the dark? ::
:: Looking into infinity? ::
:: The blurring of optics ::

Sorry. I can go on, but I won’t.
Dear Father, guide me Lord. Show me your ways. Help me, O Lord. Only You know me.
Thank you for all the friends I have. Help me to be a good friend too. Lord, who am I to complain? Why should you allow me to complain? But thank you so much for loving me.


I shall miss you all, truly. I’ve seen what friends can do. I thank God for giving me all these wonderful friends. Each and everyone of you will be in my heart. Do not break these bonds. Hold them tight. Distance which cannot destroy.

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