No IE Support?

After doing more research into the XHTML matter… I’m not too sure whether it’s the right choice to actually change to XHTML…. Sure, XHTML is not bad, it started out a good idea, but at the moment, Internet Explorer (A W3C member, mind you) has absolutely NO support for the content-type : application/XHTML+XML . Basically at the moment I’m ‘pretending’ to serve XHTML (content-type : text/html) . I’d change it to the application/XHTML+XML… BUT… that means that my site wouldn’t be able to be seen on the already buggy IE. The only choice? Put in some server-side PHP scripting which checks the User Agent and sends the correct content-type. Why can’t Microsoft keep up with standards?

At least my site is using valid XHTML. I want to change from XHTML1.0-Transitional to either XHTML1.0/1.1-Strict (or even HTML4.01-Strict) and I could besides the fact that I have one IFRAME right there… Sigh, time will tell… But anyway, I’m disappointed with microsoft. And I shall take this time to promote higher-standard browers – Mozilla!

(Try going to , in Mozilla, or any other browser supporting application/XHTML+XML, it will load properly, but when you try loading it in IE, it just doesn’t recognize it and tries to download it! Bah)

Got back another Mech 1 test paper today. I’m quite happy with my marks.. Praise God! And thank God for friends who email me and reply to emails!

Life is pretty busy and tough over here. Gotta basically learn a whole piece up to performance standards to do a recording by NEXT saturday!!! ARrggh… Oh yeah, nearly broke something in a piano today.. made some really weird sound when I was playing. But it’s still okay, don’t worry =p . Been waking up at 4am to do work. Basically my daily schedule is a bit like the following.

4am – 7am ~ Academic Work(At the moment I work until 8)
7am – 9am ~ Music practice (At the moment I only start practice at 8)
9am – 12.30pm ~ Morning lessons
12.30 – 2pm ~ Music practice / choir on Tue&Fri
2pm – 3.35pm ~ Afternoon lessons
3.35 – 5pm ~ Music practice then supper
5 – 6.45pm ~ Soon to be academic work, at the moment it is writing emails and online’ time
7pm – 9pm ~ Music work (Theory & composition)
9.30pm ~ ZzzZZzZZzZzzZ

I’m not sure how busy that is =p

Shannon, I want pictures of your drumset!!!

This site seems a bit static in sense of visitors….hmm…

I shall be off now, then.

[EDIT] It’s now 10.35pm over here. I’m on orderlies (cleaning up common room) for the next week, even though I don’t even use the common room. Just finished them, feeling REALLY tired, normally I’d have slept an hour before this. For some reason nowadays I tire easily and need more rest (I only feel rested after 10hrs of sleep), I guess because of the heavy workload. But that’s just a guess. Frustrating really, wish I could spend time doing other stuff than sleeping. But I guess that’s how it goes, and i have to listen to my body. Bedtime now then.

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