Aaaieeee Coursework!!!!

4 music tech projects to complete, 2 recordings to do for music, 1 composition to finish, 1 coursework paper for music..


Music tech projects – One classical sequence which I’ve ALMOST finished (I’m doing Bach’s Brandenburg concerto No. 4 in G first ritornello section), One pop sequence which I’m coming to the ‘almost’ finished stage (I’m doing ‘Hello to the past’, have you guys heard of it), one scored arrangement which I’ve ALMOST finished, and one recorded arrangement WHICH I have NOT even started! AHHHHH!!!

Music – One composition (It’s such a shame that my current compositions do not really fit in anywhere into the syllabus, so I have to go compose something new….ARRGH!!), two recordings… one piece (beethoven op.2 no.3 piano sonata) I ONLY started learning it properly just last week AND I’m supposed to record it THIS saturday!! ARGGH!!! And a performed composition for which I had the FIRST practice just now!! And as I mentioned, a coursework exam paper which came in a month late. GAH!!!

Now I’m trying to finish 3 of my music tech projects and my composition by TOMORROW!!! Well, at least if I manage to do that.. I’ll complete my exam coursework paper by friday, have all the recordings done this saturday…

So.. with lots of hard work these week, then I’ll only have one more project to do. Sigh. Gish (sigh). I guess it’s 4 am tomorrow then… AND orderlies tonight.

Sometimes it’s so hard to believe
When the nights can be so long
And faith give me the strength
And kept me going on
(Jim Brickman And Michael W. Smith – Love of My Life)

— I guess in my case it’s the nights which are so short and the days which are so long, seeing that I sleep at 11pm and wake up at 4am in this week —

Argh. SO much stuff on the internet is blocked by my school. They’ve overdone it. OVERDONE it!!


What can I say, O Lord,
For I was once ensnared by darkness,
Blind and unseeing,
yet you gave your life for me,
you took me by hand and led me into the light,
set my feet upon the ground and gave me new purpose,
and even now no matter where I am,
whether in company or in the bare desert sands,
I shall look to the hills,
and there I find help from you, O Lord,
creator of the heavens and the earth.

For, “The Lord will protect you and keep you safe from all dangers. The Lord will protect you now and always wherever you go” ~ Psalms 121:7,8

How great our Lord is…

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