Those were the days…

I was reading through all my archives and chatbox archives..

Sigh… Those were the days..

There was a time when……
:: the chatterbox used to be filled with such humorous and senseless posts. *smile within*. I miss those times. Alas. Ionstorm/Ektobunny either is not visiting anymore or he’s just not posting.. and Dewgem is quite busy at the moment… ::

:: There used to be comments on almost all my posts. Now look at all the previous entries… nothing much on them ::

:: I used to write interesting stuff. I don’t know whether you guys agree, but I think my standard of writing has dropped a bit ::

And many many others..

I keep a log of the visitors who visit my site.. and actually.. not many people have been visiting!

So… sometimes I feel tempted to give up blogging (like Dewgem seems to be tempted to do also, and which Shannon already did), but after going through all my archives… what joy was brought to my heart to see all the good things which have passed.. And no, I’ll never regret having this site, and I will strive to continue blogging. And hopefully, there will be some activity. But activity or not, I shall continue..

yess….. those were the days…

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