Hello everyone!

Yay, it’s saturday now. And no more orderlies!! Muahahah.. finished them all. (Orderlies is cleaning up the common room, it’s amazing how much these guys can mess up the place). This is just a shrot update, can’t really stay that long, because I’m really really tired and have other things to do (ush as go to sleep).

Spent the afternoon doing recording for AS Music Tech coursework. Yay! Now music tech’s almost finished!

Internet access in nmy room has been cut off at the moment, so until I get it back, don’t expect updates as much (not that many people actually visit my site other than the ‘regular’ people)..

Arrgh! I’m going through email withdrawal! Dewgem, all your fault again!! Haha, no no I’m just kidding.. Just kidding, you’re a very great friend… Shannon, did you get my email? Rrrrrgh.

Weather’s getting warmer over here, at the moment it’s just nice temperature. Hope it doesn’t get too hot like Malaysia though… Lots of flowers blooming away and the suns rising earlier and setting later. More bees flying around too..

Hmm. Was going to update my ‘about’ page, but since I don’t have access to the net from my room at the moment, that shall have to wait then. Why do they have to block so many things at the school?

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…
and just like the guy who has feet too big for his bed!
ARr.. that’s what I was recording jsut now, arranged for piano, bass, drums, trumpet, and maybe even trombone!! Muahahahaah

I shall be off now then. See all you guys around some time. Sigh, 62 days left. 2 weeks out of 10 school weeks gone by. Hmm. Okay then guys, I’ll see you. Bye!!!

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