Exams, anyone?

Bleh. My exam starts this friday, 6th of may, and finishes in more than a months time, 20th june. How depressing. ARRgh, why do they have to spread out the exams so widely???????

I guess people back home have also been having their exams? Or finished already? Or not yet started? I don’t know. You tell me!

As I don’t have any email to reply at the moment, I shall blog. Got a few things to do. First up… I’d like to wish my mom a blessed birthday! (even though it may seem a bit late, I’m 7hrs behind Malaysia, so it’s okay!)

I finished my arrangement!! Muahaha. Mr. Rhind-Tutt was really good at the trumpet. I think I kind of tortured him by making him play really really high notes on his trumpet. Of course, with technology, I also cheated a bit, making his ‘wrong’ notes correct and making him reach notes that he couldn’t reach. Haha. So.. don’t trust everything you heard in a recording.

Spent a useless 2hrs today at the athletics track watching house athletics. I didn’t have anything to do… and it was cold and gloomy, I could have spent my time doing so much other stuff!! Sigh.

This website seems kinda dead (I keep a log of who visits). Maybe it’s the password thingy? I don’t know. It isn’t THAT hard, is it, to answer those questions?

I’ve finished my 26 page long composition, titled “Definitely Anyway”. Don’t know why it’s titled that. Bleh. Anyway, I’ve decided to dedicate it to non other than my parents! And dedicated just before my mom’s b’day! Haha. I have too many people to dedicate compositions to but not enough compositions to dedicate. Oh well. Better get down to composing even more!

I think I shall stop here. I gotta do some research on Bach’s brandenburg concerto for this friday’s exam. See ya all later!

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