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Nowadays, whenever I’m on the internet, somehow I’m not really sure of the purpose why I’m there. Internet used to be such a so-called ‘great thing’ to have, to be online was great, chatting all the time and playing games online and doing random stuff…

But as time goes on, why, why, really did I use to spend so much time online, downloading things and all that? For me, chatting has lost quite a lot of itself, most of the time the conversations don’t really lead anywhere, and it’s not like what a conversation should be. I still converse with a selected few, but other than that, I just keep quiet.

Of course, I’ve stopped playing games for about… 2/3 years now? I don’t know. Games can be fun, but there’re so many other things to do in life… which hold better rewards than games do. Nothing against gaming.. but I feel that I could do so much stuff elsewhere.

Downloading stuff.. It’s just.. why? I don’t know. I’ve also stopped watching TV and videos, except sometimes when I’m on holiday.

So, now when I go online, I only do a selected few things –
– check my mail
– visit a few blogs
– check my site
– check the news

Nothing much else. Doesn’t take that long. Except that sometimes I’m so desperate to get an email? So I check for mail quite a lot, but anyway those visits are short. Sigh. Where’s snailmail disappeared to?

Anyway, The christian union over here has changed to ‘youth alpha’. I think in a way, it’s better, because when it was CU last time, I think enough people would think that it’s not for them (the non-christians). Now that the name’s been changed, there were a few more people coming (last meeting was around 8 people). And out of everyone, only two (including me) were Christians. And I think it’s clear that these people really need God, and from the little bit of discussion, it’s clear that none but God can change their minds and lifes. Please pray.

Anyway, things are going fine. Coursework is to be completed by the middle of this week, I have an evening recital tomorrow performing Beethoven’s piano sonata Op.2 No.3 Movt.1

Besides being absolutely busy, only a few things have been keeping me going… the knowledge that God is my protector and will give me strength, and because I know I have to do my best because so many people have made sacrifices for me to come here (and hence I should give something back in return), my passion for music, and the emails that I have been getting from some of my friends back home (so far two people have sent me emails, I want to thank you a lot, you know who you are)

I found out why my laptop could not connect to the internet at school, it’s because IT support blocked me because I didn’t pay the £30 fee. Oh well. For the moment I’m not even going to bother paying that, because I don’t think RM210 is worth it just to get an internet connection WHEN I can set it up myself (I did, and I actually got an internet connection for a week before I was blocked), so I think it’s just not worth it.

I shall be off now, I have loads of work to do, and I’m pretty tired and my stomach could be feeling better.

Sigh. At least my term is about 30% over.

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