It’s all over!

YAY! No more coursework to look forward to for a term… I’ve finished all my music and music tech coursework and they’re being mailed off!

Talk about tiring.. These past few days have been _____ (fill in the blank). The answer is CRAZY. Basically finishing 2 sequences, 2 arrangements (one multitrack recording), 1 coursework exam, 1 composition, tons of log books, tons of prep… And yesterday I had to record two pieces for my ‘performing during the course’ and ‘solo performance’ for AS Music, AND perform at the evening recital. Then today I had to perform ‘I don’t know’, my composition, and I have house photo session afterwards.

But. Breath for a while, before the exams start closing in again. ARRGH. Whoops, exams have already started. ARRGH. Oh well. Just 6 more weeks. 6 more weeks.

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