Cold summer?

It’s been quite cold for the time of the year, apparently. “Currently: 10°C ” , according to [email protected] And the sun is shining, and it was even colder yesterday! (around 5-8) Doesn’t make much of a difference to me, but yes, weird weather.

I don’t know what to type now. I shall just type some random things.

Summer Concert was on Friday night. A tiring thing, definitely. At least I was only in the chamber choir. But I think it went quite well. Sang some french song (still can’t get the pronunciation!), moon river, and irish blessing. And to any who may wonder whether it’s possible for a choir to go one semitone flat, let me tell you, it’s possible for a choir to go a WHOLE TONE flat! And also, a semitone sharp. Never mind. We still sounded good.

Yesterday night was ‘Music Scholar’s Dinner’. The first ‘formal’ dinner I’ve gone to? Worst, I had a blocked nose. How to eat? Hehe.

All the best to the lower 6ths starting tomorrow back in M’sia! I’m two terms ahead of you! Haha. jk.

I think that’s all for now?

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