Money money money

On train ticket :
Type of ticket – Standard Saver Return
Origin – Castle Cary
Destination – London Terminals
etc etc etc
Fare – GBP 31.90


So, for a return, that’s 63.80 pounds, equiv to RM 446. For a return train ticket? Please! How much more expensive can things get? I think, probably, a lot more. hehe. But I think it’s just crazy. It’s just a 1hr 40min train journey, for goodness sake.. Oh well.

Now the sun rises at…. dunno, maybe 5.30am? And sets at 9.30pm. Quite long days, although up until yesterday and today, the weather has been COLD for a summer. Around… 11-13 degrees maybe? But now it’s getting warmer.. Today had a high of 18 degrees. Not that I’d like it any warmer than 20, but not that I like it below 13, also. hehe. No such thing as perfect weather, I guess.

Have been seeing rabbits in silflay (eating grass, go read Watership Down) in the early morning. Kind of reminds me of my once pet hare… except that there’s more than one of them here and they’re much much smaller. But they look so cute!

I can’t wait for halfterm break, or even more, I can’t wait for July… 37 days more… not that long, but there’s such a big barrier in between now and then.. called exams. Sigh. Well, everyone (or most people) have to go through them.

How could my blog become even more lifeless? Me posting my own comments on my posts? hahaha.

Anyway, I don’t actually have much to say at the moment. So I shall say.. bye!

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