Worse than Alcatraz

Why did I even pay 30 pounds for an internet connection?
Okay. I shall go through the list.

First, the worst stuff is blocked, which is reasonable to me (drugs, violence, porn, etc). Then, msn is blocked. Even online messengers, so on. Proxies are blocked, as well as tunnels and so on. Even google cache is blocked. Email is blocked – can’t access hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc etc. Every port except HTTP is blocked (no FTP, no SMTP, POP3, only restricted HTTPS, nothing else). Game sites are blocked (gamehippo.org, neopets, so on, RIGHT DOWN TO ticalc.org, because they don’t want us playing games on our graphing calculators?). Chatscripts are blocked (flooble, java chats, so on). Some blogs and freehosts are blocked (xanga?!, angelfire, etc). Ebay and auction sites are blocked (what, because we’re about to sell of the school to someone else?). Web forums are blocked (phpbb.com, an important source for me, quite a lot of message forums are blocked). Blogspot commenting is now blocked. You can’t download zip files, mp3 files, wav files, mpeg files, exe files, midi files?!?, ZIP files?!?!!, etc etc. Extreme filtering so you can’t access sites like ‘partsexpress’, you can’t search for ‘document’ on google, you can guess why? Some online photo storages are blocked (well, in a way, understandable). Even online translators are blocked! (not all, but enough).

Some of that stuff I can live without, but WHY ON EARTH block forums and blogspot commenting? What’s their problem? And why should I not be able to access xanga blogs?

Oh yeah, if you’re caught getting past these prison security measures, you have to watch out.

What on earth is wrong with these people? How on earth am I going to be a naughty kid by commenting on peoples blogs? It’s just……….. beyond my understanding. I’m suprised that I’m even on my site!

The more they block, the more people try to get past these things, and end up wasting their time.

You know, these guys are effectively saying that the email addresses we’ve used for years… “sorry, you can’t use them anymore. We’ll give you an address [email protected] with extreme filtering and we’ll empty your 10MB mailbox every summer and when you leave, you can’t use it anymore.

Oh why oh why?

Here’s the infamous screen. Click to enlarge.

Cant access website - blogger.com

Random things

Is it possible for a choir to actually go flat by a semitone?
Maybe, but it’s VERY possible for the choir to flat by a WHOLE tone! That’s what Millfield chamber choir did. Sounded nice, though.

And on the other side, it’s also possible for a choir to go a whole semitone sharp. Sounds nice though……. nOPE! Sounded weird.

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