Wanderings of London

After a long break from posts… here’s one.

Friday 27th May.
Had music tech exam from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Think ‘evil’. Setting us an exam first thing before the halfterm break? That’s just evil. haha. Never mind, it went okay. Was supposed to get a cab from school at 3.45pm to castle cary train station to catch the train at 4.18pm. Guess what? The cab was 10 minutes late, and we were still on the road at 4.20pm. Sigh. The train would have left already and we would be stuck behind. When we reached the station, we suddenly found that the train was 15 minutes late! Yay! I even had to wait a few minutes at the station. Wonder why the train was so late? The day had been VERY hot (on thursday it was ~15 degrees and on friday it was a whopping 31 degrees!), so speed limits were imposed on ALL trains because the rail tracks were expanding. In the end when we reached London Paddington train station we were more than an hour late. Made my way up to Radlett where U. Tony picked me up. Ah. Nice shower and a nice comfy bed.

Saturday 28th May

Next morning, suddenly A. Amy called me. They (The Leow family – U. Ben, A. Amy, Chris and Debra) were on holiday from M’sia and they invited me to come along with them while they tour London. Didn’t expect to hear that soon from them, but it was okay. So I was supposed to join them for a few days, so I packed up some stuff. Was supposed to make my way from Radlett to St. James Park underground station (Which is on the circle & district line). Turns out that St. James Park station is closed (as well as a few stations on the circle&district lines. So I got out at Westminster station (Fancy station, it is) and tried to walk to St. James Park station. The police I asked for directions first sent me off in the opposite direction! But in the end I managed (after half an hour of walking with luggage or so) to get to my destination. (Was supposed to meet them at 11.15am, and I ended up meeting them at 12pm) Walked down to Buckingham Palace, where the parade was supposed to start at 11.30am but in the end only started at 12pm. How lucky!

buckingham palace

After that we trudged back to the hotel (Kensington Holiday Inn hotel) where they have these canggih lifts where you have to use your room card to get to your room. After resting for a bit (Oh, and also eating Burger King for lunch) we went to.. hmm.. some market (somewhat like the English Petaling Street).

Sunday 29th May

U. Tony invited us to go to church, so we made our way to Westminster underground station (again) and after getting ‘lost’ for a bit, walked to church. Had quite a good time there.

After church we boarded this really cool looking boat to go to Greenwich. Had a really really good tour guide on the boat who knew his stuff and also had funny jokes.

boat ride

Walked around Greenwich for a bit, before making our way back home and go to sleep. Oh yeah, stopped by Trafalgar square on the way back. You know, the pigeons have all disappeared! Maybe it was just night time, but there were only about 50 pigeons in the entire square. Last time there were hundreds!

And I *think* (If I remembered correctly) we had chinese food for dinner. Was it duck rice? I think so. Hehe.

Monday May 30th

Get up early at 7am, get ready, eat breakfast in the hotel restaurant (same as the previous days), have sausages, mushrooms, tea, random stuff.

Went to Kew Gardens on this day. Me and Debra got in FREE! Because we’re 16 & below. How fun. Kew gardens was a really nice place… although tiring after walking for quite a while. They had these glass thingies.. Dunno how to describe them, haha. And there was an ‘aquarium’ also. Made some really funny videos there also. Got one of Chris and Debra fighting each other (playfully). The waterlilies are really huge!

Here’s me and Chris.
Kew Gardens

On leaving Kew Gardens, we were supposed to take the underground back to central london, but somehow we ended up taking a different train line (Silverlink) all the way around London before we noticed.

Went to the British Museum after that (I think it’s called that?) it was really nice, the building itself is really really magnificent… Too bad we were chased out after half an hour because it was already late.

British Museum

And the museum library…
British Museum again

Tiring day, haha.

Tuesday 31st May

Same morning routine. Took the underground to London Bridge, and we went to the London Dungeon. It was like some kind of horror history museum. I shall not post pictures of that here.. Not that nice pictures. Just this one, maybe, outside the dungeon.

London Dungeon

After we just visited the tower of london and walked around there for a bit, stopping for fish and chips. After that we went to Madame Tussauds. Queued up for more than an hour just to go in. They had wax people who looked really real… and then a ‘chamber of horrors’ where live actors try to scare you. It was really funny for me though… And apparently I spoilt some other people’s fun? I was trying to scare those live actors instead of them scaring me… Oh yeah. On the wax people, here’s me and ‘someone’ else.

Me and Einstein

Met up with some friends for dinner… and back to the hotel…

Wednesday 1st June

Last day with the Leows. Today me and Chris decided to stay back at the hotel because the ladies were out shopping.. So.. I got back to U. Tony’s house at 11pm, thus ending my London Adventures.

And now I’m here.. and I have to study for my exams coming up. Haha.

Oh yeah. Here’s some of us at the hotel..

All of us

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