Halfterm’s already over!

I can’t believe it! It’s over.. But then.. it’s only one week since it started. How short! Oh well…

It’s been one week since I was out with the Leow family… How I miss them already. Some things have happened which have changed me and which I shall never forget… I shall not stay on that, but what happened has encouraged me that God’s love is real and that we should strive to be more and more like him. Have contacted Christopher Leow since then (even played an online game with him)… hope we stay in touch… Debra too… and lots of thanks to A. Amy and U. Ben for hosting me! See you guys in July/August… I do think that there’s a problem with smsing my mobile from M’sia. How weird.

Oh yeah, Chris was nice enough to call me from M’sia on my handphone! Thanks a lot, even though it was just a quick hello.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day I return to school, with exams looming over me. Oh well, 16 days to freedom!!!! Can’t wait. And then my first year is almost at an end.

Had a nice barbeque with the Tehs and friends today. Thanks U. Tony and A. Doreen! And please don’t torture me with neopets, Nicola!

See ya all then!

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