Been some time

Well.. More exams are over now!

Monday was an interesting day, my music exam day. Not sure whether I’ve mentioned before, but I’m the only person in the entire lower 6 year taking music as an academic subject… So.. It was just me, me, and the invigilator in the medium-sized hall. Hehe.

Today was physics exams. 3 hrs of sitting in the barracuda sports hall, thinking “What on earth is pair-production and electron capture?” Oh well. Well, at least I did know what those were…

I can’t update long because I have to go to sleep. Andrew Li (I’d say, the best student pianist in the school) gave his recital yesterday afternoon. It was really really good. He performed Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”.. and guess what? I was given the task of recording it! So I set up the Sony ECM-979 Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone and a (lousy) Yamaha MD-8 8-track multitrack minidisc recorder and some Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones… and… recorded it. Haha. Could have been a better recording, but I didn’t have much time to set up properly… Stereo field came out a bit narrow…

Anyway, I’m going to do more recording soon! An ambient classical recording using 2 AKG C414 U-BLS condenser microphones as the main pair using OTRF miking technique (Those mics cost RM4000 each!), 2x AKG C1000S condensers as a backup X-Y stereo pair (RM1000 each), 2x AKG C3000B condensers for spotting the cello and violin (RM1500 each), maybe stick an SM57 for the piano’s low end… dunno. haha. And record onto computer with a M-Audio Delta 1010 sound card (RM3000). So… about RM16000 of equipment excluding mixer and so on… And the equipment is only midrange. bleh. The mics are good though. Wish I had some preamps.

Enough of technical talk.


3 more exams to go. And my term is almost 75% over!

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