17 not out.. whoops, I meant 70 not out.

seventeen and seventy are too identical. Hehe. Well, that goes for a lot of numbers I guess. Even sometimes the year “1995” (just random year) might be said as “ninety ninety five”! (Well, maybe it’s just me, haha)

We’re having this school ‘musical/drama’ thingy, called “70 not out”. Basically a review of the events of the schools past 70yrs through the medium of a “musical” (?). Composed by one of the teachers (obviously, since I’m sure no other composer has written anything on my school).

Guess what? I got dragged into playing for it… I’m doing the timpani and the glockenspiel. Quite fun, hehe. Although last last practice, the percussionist with the timpani/glock sticks was ill! So I had no proper sticks and had to improvise with some weird sticks. Oh well. It was funny, anyway. The score is handwritten, so people have missing bars, wrong notes, wrong key signature, extra bars, and so on, everywhere. I’ve had my fair share of it.

And Mr Charles (Director of music) wants me to be in percussion group and orchestra (and possibly wind band) doing percussion next year. Going to be busy!

Today was quite a busy day. Woke up, ate my last durian cake from M’sia, went out to school, had practice for another concert next week, went to lessons, got dragged into another piece for next week’s concert (they think that I’m so free after my exams end next monday? =p), finished school at 3.40pm, had orchestra practice from 4pm-6pm, then had academic society meeting from 6.30-8pm (got dragged into playing a piece, since this meeting was hosted by the music department). A full day out. And it was quite uneventful ‘that way’… No big suprises anywhere, in fact, in a way, I was hoping not to have big suprises from over here…

I want to learn Lizst’s Piano Sonata in B minor!!!!

So… I shall update later on then. Got an exam to prepare for on monday (and the very last exam of this year!!! YAY!). I can’t can’t wait to get back… 2 more weeks… In exactly 2 weeks and 30 minutes, I’ll be on the plane. Sigh. Long plane flight back.

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