Hot-nya this afternoon…. currently 28 degrees… that would be cool weather in M’sia…. and it’s just early afternoon.. probably will go up to 30+? At least it’s not that humid..

So.. I was ‘cryptically’ talking about my birthday yesterday.. but ‘anonymous’ let it out.. hehe. My actual birthday… I wouldn’t even have known that it passed if not for my pocketpc reminding me the day before of my birthday.. nolah.. my family did wish me happy birthday… other than that, no sign of a birthday.

Had durian cake as my birthday cake, haha.

Breakfast was uneventful, ate alone, classes were uneventful, lunch was uneventful, afternoon classes were uneventful, orchestra practice was uneventful, academic society meeting was uneventful… just the same as any other day, in other words.

Other than immediate family… no birthday greetings.. no birthday songs, no birthday celebrations….

Weirdly enough (well, not weird to me), it didn’t really bother me… but I think I got one of my best birthday presents this time… a word from God..

Thanks to the CF “E-ppl” who gave me my birthday card ONE YEAR!!! ago, I finally had the chance of reading it two days ago… Psalms 28:7. Although it may sound similiar to many other verses.. it’s nice, reading it on your birthday, knowing that the Lord protects and defends me, and I shall trust in Him… Now.. any challenges to that birthday present? hehehe. So.. yup, I resisted reading that card until now… worth it.

Even if no one wishes me happy birthday… or I get no other presents, I shall be glad! (Hey Hey, that doesn’t mean you don’t give me things huh? hehehehe)

So… I’m 17. Anyone feel like growing younger?

I think I shall be getting something from home, supposed to be for my b’day? We’ll see. i don’t know. Hasn’t got here yet…

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