First of all.. thanks all of you guys who contributed to that card… thanks a lot… It was really nice.. and I guess… the most thanks to my family!

I’ve just finished reading ‘Flatland’ by Edwin Abbott… if you want to read it, go to THIS LINK It’s quite an interesting story of the land of 2 dimensions, their social system, some history, and how the main character has a dream of trying to convince the inhabitants of lineland (1 dimension) that there are 2 dimensions…. and then he’s visited by this ‘sphere’ from spaceland (3 dimensions, or what we have around here) and well… go read it. hehe.

So….. how many dimensions are there? Well, I’d say (without much research at the moment) that there are more than 3 dimensions… Take for example a garden hose.. from far away, it has 1 dimension – length. Then as you get nearer, it has another dimension – height. Then as you get closer, 3rd dimension – thickness .. and whoops. I seem to have lost the 4th dimension. hahahaha. but I think it’s that as you go closer and closer, you have more dimensions?

String theory even suggests 10 dimensions…. or even 26 in the case of bosonic string theory!

And you can use vectors in n dimensions, as far as I know…

Anyway… so… are we trapped within a universe of 3 dimensions?

Or time being the 4th dimension? Well.. in Flatland they’d percieve height, but they would not understand it or be able to measure it…. so… do we actually measure time?

And someone in the 3rd dimension would be able to ‘teleport’ from one place to another in Flatland… so… I guess that’s what people would use, the 4th dimension, time, to ‘teleport’ from one place to another? But then.. of course, we’re not in the 4th dimension………..

I’m just rambling. NOTE : PROBABLY MOST OF THE IDEAS DISCUSSED ABOVE ARE WRONG!!! Hahahehehehe. Oh well. Just some thoughts I had.

10 more days!!!!!!!!!! Whheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!

Lots of 70 not out practices and the actual concert. Bleah. At least exams are over..

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