Hmm… New look, new spirit?

So, we have a new look here. Yup, I’ve totally redesigned the site from scratch… because… the previous design seemed a bit ‘cluttered’ to me, with boxes here and there and everywhere.

So, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to switch blogging scripts from CuteNews (who has served me well) to the current WordPress. So, if things turn out well, I guess there’ll be a goodbye to CuteNews.

That’s why all my posts are currently missing (well, most of them). It’s going to take a VERY VERY long time for me to import all of them…. so, be patient!

AND, a LOT of things aren’t working yet…

I’m not sure whether to put a chatbox, it might just make things look cluttered again. Heh. But that chatbox was real fun.

Oh yeah, forgot that I’m already back home! Been sick the past few days…

Hopefully this link works, it SHOULD take you to the old page.

AND, a LOT of things aren’t working yet, so please bear with me..

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