Let me try something new…


You should recognize that, right?

[mathml]int_0^(pi/2) x^2*cos(n*x)[/mathml]

Hope it comes out correct!

This is what you should see : (I saved it as pictures)

EDIT : Well, it works perfectly! Although, you need the proper fonts (you may have gotten an alert telling you to get fonts to display ‘mathml’ properly. If you’re using Internet Explorer, or anything which doesn’t support application/xhtml+xml then you will just see some math garbage. Irritating Internet Explorer. Oh well.


  1. ^^ says:

    Hehe just testing this out... ^^

  2. Hoong Ern says:

    That comment should have been rejected. Never mind. Next time, I shall. =p hehe. Just kidding.

  3. ::keShiA:: says:

    i didn't get any of that O_O

  4. Hoong Ern says:

    What did you not get?

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