Revamp report

Unless you are new here, or for some other reason, you should have noticed that the design has changed here. I thought that the old design was quite messy, and very inaccessible. So, two choices lay in front of me –

1) Update and edit
2) Revamp

Of course, choice (1) would be easier. Most things would be preserved, only a few changes here and there would be required to finish it.

However, I thought that the old design had major faults in it (I shall not bother going into details for now), so I decided to entirely change it.

As I have already given a short update on it, I shall just list a few points.

  • Comments have disappeared
  • Archives are a bit messy
  • Password protection has disappeared
  • Chatbox is more ‘hidden’, it seems that people prefer it out in the open?

I have not finished with the design yet, so you’ll see some changes now and then. And there’s a new section in this site, that is, “About Site”. Enjoy! Please give advice and comments if you have any.

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