Out of touch

I haven’t been around for quite a while on my blog… quite shameful actually. I guess it’s also because I hardly get any people visiting and no feedback in posts for the last few months, so I have almost given up writing. No fear, I’m still alive.

I seem to have lost touch with many of my old friends. I’m not sure whether it was them who have given up on me, or me who has given up on them, or a mixture of both. Whatever it is, much contact has been lost. Friends come and go, normally, it seems that at the moment, for me, besides a few of my closer friends, it doesn’t seem to be “Friends come and go”, but rather, “Friends don’t come but go.” I don’t know… I’ve gotten used to being by myself over the last year, though.

Updates coming later.

6 thoughts on “Out of touch”

  1. *ROAR* Hahaha…just making noise… 😛

    Anyway, I know how you feel about friends. Maybe its just because the world is moving too fast…so its hard to keep up with the pace, thus people just move on hanging out with new friends and all that…or maybe its because we’ve forgetten what friends are about and it takes to be friends. Makes you wonder how much of a friend we’d be to God, doesn’t it?

  2. Hmmm. Moving on, losing old friends, gaining new friends? For me it’s been losing some old friends, not gaining new friends… And you do have a point about God being our friend… ROAR more! Heh.

  3. Well, some people make new friends, and some people don’t. It took me 2 years to adjust to having friends from church, yet even know I can’t call anyone a close friend…maybe just one…and even then…I hardly ever feel a part of the whole thing…truth is, I do miss my old friends…and i’ve begun to hang out with them again.

    If you can’t manage to make new friends, then maintain your relationships with the old ones I guess…

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