7 wonders (Baton)

7 things you plan to do before you die:

1) Honour God.
2) Hopefully, not complete this baton.
3) Get some sleep. I’m so tired.
4) Get some rest. I have too much work.
5) See the sunset.
6) Nothing. (Because I am always doing something at the moment)
7) Live. Obviously.

Seven things I could do:

1) Stop writing this right now.
2) Take a shower.
3) Go to bed.
4) Throw my books into a fire.
5) Anything but nothing.
6) Turn off my computer.
7) Break (a) piano string(s).

Seven celebrity crushes:

1) What’s a celebrity?
2) What’s a crush?
3) Is celebrity some annual celebration?
4) blah blah
5) I hardly know any celebrities.
6) & 7) …

Seven often-repeated words:

1) What?
2) Dunno.
3) Ok.
4) Microsoft _____ (fill in the blank).
5) Dunno.
6) Dunno.
7) Dunno.

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:

1) – 7) What does this question mean?

Seven tags go to:

1) – 7) No one.

Sorry, but the baton stops here. For /dev/me being so lame.

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