As I am still doing 5 A levels (most people do three), I basically have all my free time lost to various activities. The first two weeks of term were basically disrupted by the house singing competition, with me playing the piano for my house grouping. In the end, we still didn’t win, oh well.

Now that I’m playing the trombone, and I found out that I’m the ONLY trombonist playing in the ensembles, I have to play in (Wind Band?), Swing Band, Brass Group and Orchestra! And I’ve only been playing for 3 months! Well, they had to endure many mistakes, but hopefully I’m getting better. Since the main pianist, Andrew Li (who’s now in Harvard) has left, I have to take over in Piano Trio… and the work load is much more since I’m about the only classical pianist around. Oh yeah, I found a cornet to play around with.

Basically, I have been totally overloaded with work. Hardly any time to do prep (homework), not enough time to practice, tired all the time, and so on. Every day is NONSTOP work from 7.30am – 9.00pm (Well, except Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays). More than many working people! And I also have to prepare for SATs (which I already took) and SAT Subject tests. Talk about work. Plus A level exams in January, Maths Challenge in 2 weeks, tons of music to play on both instruments, tons of prep, university applications (about 20 essays to write!). That’s just the surface, you wouldn’t know what it’s like unless you’ve gone through it. I can’t simply say “You get the idea”.

Other news :

– New houseparents, the Shiltons retired. Haven’t seen them yet
– Laptop mouse broke down, bought a new one, costs RM100 over here!!! Can’t believe it.
– Haven’t broken any piano strings yet, but found some chewing gum which some mindless person left on the string
– Had to solve numerous computer problems for numerous people
– Watched ET for music tech, and Animusic.
– Made an interesting BUT (lousy?) geeky wallpaper for my desktop ( sweet I’ll put it up another time.
– Checked out OpenOffice (free, OSS) and The GIMP (free, OSS). Quite amazing.

Good thing it’s halfterm now. Doesn’t last forever, though. Shame.

Wonder how everyone’s doing back home. Haven’t have had much contact.

2 thoughts on “School”

  1. who whee.. you look like yr swamped with work!
    take heart! you can do it!!
    hey, how many instruments do you play?
    no wait, sratch that.
    is there any instrument you DON’T plaY?
    hee hee hee…
    talented means talented. to the very end!
    all the best with those uni applications..
    20 essays.. woah.
    take care, dude!

  2. Swamped? Well, I can’t really see any swamp.. I guess because I’m under the swamp? hehe. I don’t play many instruments, like the violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, cor anglais, bassoon, double bassoon, trumpet, french horn, tuba, so on.. so, does that answer your question? You take care too.

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