Wallpaper – Home Sweet Home

Yes, I’ve made a (really lousy) wallpaper. The geeks version of Home Sweet Home. At the moment in XGA. If you’re a geek, you should understand it – sweet . Created in The GIMP… If you really want, I can make it for some other resolution. See whether you really like it and whether you’re nice to me. I have not put any copyright on my image, because I think it messes it up a bit… so please do acknowledge my efforts if you use it, as in, don’t just go around saying that you made it. I have no problem you giving it to others, as long as you give credit.

Here it is – 387kB, 1024×768, PNG.

Click to view it full sized.

I think this just shows my lack of knowledge for using The GIMP. But I did find it interesting to make.

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