And halfterm ends

Halfterm – one of those holidays which lie (mostly) between the beginning and end of term, hence called ‘halfterm break’. This particular one was 1.5 weeks long, just long enough to get into it before breaking it up and calling everyone back to school. Nevertheless, it still is a break, and breaks are mostly nice. I say mostly nice, notice.

You wouldn’t really know my feelings as I boarded the bus which would take me to Richmond, London. 6 weeks previously spent in school, the constant pressure, stress, exams, and basically everything which makes the mind spin and ache. I shan’t dwell on that now, though.

The beginning of the break was marked by a very special momentum, to me. As we were travelling towards London, we were having dark clouds behind us, before us, while we were in the sunshine. This as it were was already quite a view. I guess it may have felt like being in the eye of a storm. And something wonderful happened. A rainbow. Full and bright, arcing ALL the way across the sky, with no obstructions. It was so amazing. Isn’t our God wonderful?

And yet, there was even more to come. A little while later, another WHOLE rainbow arcing right across, within the other rainbow. Two clear rainbows within each other. What could be more wonderful? In fact, a remnant of a THIRD rainbow started to appear, alas, it was not full. What better way to start the halfterm than seeing the signs of God’s wonderful creation?

Lugged my luggage all the way up Shenley Hill, where my guardian lives. Maybe I should have called them. By the time I reached their house I was really tired.

And so things go in an uneventful routine – wake up, check msn, eat breakfast, play piano, do a bit of essays, chat a bit online, eat lunch, either play piano or use the computer, and so on.

Lots of work on computers had to be done, I had to reset up the wireless router (iTunes was creating a pesky DNS problem), set up this and that, patch up this, repair that, so on. Including advice on computers was needed here and there. Including finding out that my guardian’s computer was running at 93 (NINTY-THREE) degrees CELCIUS! You could almost boil water on that processor!

Other things included going out ‘now and then’.

In other words, things passed in quite the same way, and so the break waned away. My last day of halfterm was marked with a major setback, which I shall not dwell on at the moment. In a way, in the back of my mind it was this that I feared and it did happen. Cause? Pressure and stress. More on that when the time is right.

And so ended my halfterm break.

In other news, nothing to do with halfterm…

– I got a new mouse (computer, not pet). SO expensive! But I can’t wait until I get back
– Took a NIGHT, UNDERGROUND tour of London. How fun.
– Don’t blame me, they were just ‘asking’ for me to beat them at Midtown Madness 2 (racing game). two against one, I won 3000-800. Heh. And another 2-2, won 5500-1900.
– Please pray for a number of people to have good health… shall not give any details at the moment.

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