A week of my life

Monday 31st October

6.45am – Up and awake. Get read for school.
7.30am – Out of boarding house and walk 600 metres to the dining hall for breakfast.
7.50am – Finished breakfast. Go to music block
7.55am – Start practice in music block
8.45am – Finish practice, lessons start.
8.50-10.05am – Physics lesson with Mr. Lewis. Get prep (homework) due Friday.
10.05-10.45am – Maths with Mrs. Langham. Discuss mods&args of complex numbers.
10.45-11.10am – Quick practice with trombone, have lesson afterwards.
11.15-12.30pm – Maths with Mr. Godfrey. Start new module, discrete maths.
12.30-1.15pm – Piano Trio with Mr. Hughes . Play Beethoven’s 4th Piano Trio in F major.
1.20-2.00pm – Practice piano for the rest of the lunch break.
2.00-2.15pm – Group Tutor period.
2.20-2.55pm – Lesson with Mr. Barker. He’s busy today doing GCSE recordings, so I’m asked to practice piano.
3.00-3.35pm – Maths with Mrs. Langham again. Continue complex numbers.
3.40-4.15pm – Trombone lesson with Mr. Austin. Discuss some swing band pieces.
4.15-4.50pm – Practice more trombone.
5.00-5.15pm – Dinner/Supper time.
5.30-6.15pm – Get dragged into percussion ensemble. At least the piano part is really easy. Hardly any sight-reading required.
6.30pm – Reach back home.
6.45pm – House meeting.
7.00-9.00pm – Prep time (homework time). A bit tired, I don’t get much done.
9.00-9.45pm – At last, a bit of time to myself.
10pm – Get to bed and try to sleep.

Summary ? A crazy 4 periods of maths today. Not too bad. An average day.

Tuesday 1st November

6.45-8.45am – Same as Monday
8.50-10.05am – Music lesson with Mr. Charles. Try to decide which set area of pieces to study. Get another heavy book and more prep.
10.10-10.45am – Physics with Mr. Houghton. Discuss single-slit diffraction of light.
10.45-11.15am – Just have a quick practice with the piano.
11.15-12.30pm – Maths with Mrs. Langham. Continue off from yesterday with complex nums.
12.30-1.00pm – Try to help a friend get a CD ready to send of to US university early decision. Run into problems with the computers in the music block.
1.00-1.50pm – Chamber Choir. Last practice for the service tonight at Wells Cathedral.
1.55pm-2.30pm – Headmaster’s Assembly.
2.35-3.10pm – Music Tech with Mr. Rhine-Tutt. Helps me with the CD and then we discuss the A-level music tech coursework.
3.15pm-3.50pm – Maths with Mr. Godfrey. Continuing from before on discreet maths. Sleepy.
4.00-4.50pm – Piano practice. Need more time to practice.
5.00-5.20pm – Supper.
5.20-5.45pm – Wait around in the music block, practice a bit.
6.00pm – Leave in coaches for Wells Cathedral, 30 min drive away.
6.45-7.45pm – Last bit of choir practice. The cathedral sounds amazing.
7.45-9.00pm – Eucharist service.
9.40pm – Back to school. Pop in the Gaskell Room for a few snacks.
10.10pm – Get back to house. Very rainy and windy. Tired, obviously.
10.45pm – Get to bed.

Summary? Slightly busier. Miss Prep time because I’m up in Wells. Tired because I get back late and can’t get to sleep until a bit later.

Wednesday 2nd November

6.45-8.45am – Same as Monday&Tuesday.
8.50-9.25am – Physics with Mr. Lewis.
9.30-10.05am – Supposed to have music with Mr. Barker but he’s doing the last of the GCSE recordings. Practice piano instead.
10.05-10.45am – Maths with Mr. Godfrey.
10.45-11.15am – Can’t remember what I did. I guess it was piano practice.
11.15-11.50am – Music Tech with Mr. Rhine-Tutt.
11.55-12.30pm – Physics with Mr. Houghton. See what happens when you use two large Young’s slits.
12.30-1.30pm – Swing Band rehearsal. Normally it’s on tuesday but there was Eucharist.
1.35-1.50pm – Gulp down lunch, rush back to house (10 mins away!), change, rush back to school for games.
2.00-2.45pm – Gym session. Don’t feel too good so I don’t do too much.
2.50-3.20pm – Practice piano.
3.30-4.30pm – Piano lesson with Mr. Byrne. Put on the finishing touches for the Piano Trio.
(4.30-5.30pm – Normally would have Piano Trio practice here. But was cancelled because Mr. Hughes wanted to work on String Quartet)
5pm – Get back to house. Wow, early day today.
6.45pm – House meeting.
7-9pm – Do prep. Or rather, study for SATs.
10pm – Go to bed.

Summary? That’s a ‘free’ day! Yup, well, not free, but not as busy.

Thursday 3rd November

6.45-8.45am – Same as others, except instead of piano practice I have Brass Group.
8.50-10.05am – Maths with Mr. Godfrey.
10.10-10.45am – Music with Dr. Lorimer. Get another Bach Chorale and discover one I have not finished.
10.45-11.15am – Practice a bit of piano.
11.15-12.30pm – Physics with Mr. Houghton.
12.35-1.05pm – Music Tech with Mr. Rhine-Tutt.
1.05-1.20 – I actually have lunch.
1.20-2.30 – Piano Practice, plus some sampling for Music Tech.
2.35-3.10 – Music Tech again.
3.15-4.25 – Music with Mr. Barker. He says I was playing my piece tiredly. How true! Discuss workload.
4.00-5pm (whoops, lesson ended early today) – Decide to watch tea and music. Apparently some guitarist and saxaphonist ‘sing’ their pieces.
5-5.30pm – Supper.
5.30-6.15pm – Choir rehearsal for Handel’s ‘Messiah’. Loose half of my voice.
6.45pm – House meeting.
7-9pm – Attempt to do some revision/work.
10pm – Sleep time.

Summary? Tiring day, although not too busy.

Friday, 4th November

6.45-8.45am – Same as any other day
8.50-9.25am – Music Tech. Start my sequenced backing track.
9.30-10.45am – Maths with Mrs. Langham. Unable to hand in finished prep.
10.45-11.15am – Finish up one of the Bach Chorales.
11.15-12.30pm – Music with Dr. Lorimer. Look at the chorale and some french opera L’Orfeo.
12.30-1pm – Piano practice
(1-1.50pm is normally chamber choir)
1-1.50pm – I decide to skip choir today to do some revision for tomorrow’s SATs.
1.55-2.15pm – Upper 6th assembly. Lots of assemblies this week.
2.20-2.55pm – Maths with Mr. Godfrey. Again, unable to hand in finished prep.
3-3.35pm – Physics with Mr. Lewis. Again, unable to hand in finished prep.
4-5.30pm – Orchestra, playing the trombone.
5.30-5.45pm – Supper and then walk back to house.
5.45-6.45pm – Free for once, I write this entry.
6.45pm – House meeting.
7-9pm – Prep time
10pm – Sleep

Summary? Lousy day. Didn’t manage to hand in most of my prep. Otherwise, not much different from most days.

Saturday, 5th November

That’s tomorrow. Will be having SAT exam. Otherwise my normal saturday looks like this.

6.45-8.45am – Same as most days, except instead of piano practice I have another choir practice.
8.50-9.25am – Music with Mr. Barker
9.30-10.05am – physics with Mr. Lewis
10.10-10.45am – Maths with Mrs. Langham
10.45-12.30pm – Music Practice & Music Tech.
Until 2pm – Lunch, and back to house
2-2.45pm – Gym session
After which, a short while in the music block, and then back to house, free for the rest of the day, and sunday, except for a 2-4pm practice on sunday.

Summary? Can’t summarize.

So, that’s how my week may look. It’s not the busiest week, but it’s busy enough. Most days consist of mostly non-stop work right from 7.50am – 9pm.

And I have 8 concerts in these 5 weeks. That’s almost 2 per week!

Enough now. I have to study for tomorrow. Just needed a break.

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  1. you are mad hoong, realy you are, you always seem to be rushing around off ur feet and you have time to build a website
    gosh ur amzin!!! how do u do it?

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