It is just too much for me to handle at the moment. Too many things, too much of everything, and I am unable to handle it. I need to close some handles for some time. Time to catch up on things thrown to the side. Too many events. I don’t mean concerts.

One thing I leave, for you to forget, skip, or ponder and discover, in my leave…

Maurice Ravel – Piano Trio (1914) , movement 3 – ‘Passacaille’
Tears form when I play and/or listen to this. It’s just too close to home. The yearning in bar 21, the loneliness in bars 25-36, the anguish and terror in bar 49, and the mysteriousness in bar 47 onwards. It’s just too eerie. And the most beautiful things you will hear in music. It just describes me now, and that’s just too eerie.

Whether you actually find out more about this piece, I leave it to you. It’s not the easiest way, but listening to it tell.

I probably won’t be around for about 3 weeks, unless something interesting comes this way.

Too much of me is lost. I shall retreat to the piano and find myself, and hopefully, recover.

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